Kathleen Summers MD PhD

A board-certified internal medicine physician integrating the best of evidence-based care with natural and holistic therapies

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Yoga and Health

TheYogaDr.com is a website dedicated to helping others to lead happy, healthy lives. It’s a place for Yoga practitioners, both new and advanced, to come together and share their experiences, ask questions, and learn the latest news on how living a Yoga lifestyle affects their well-being.

Yoga and health have gone hand in hand throughout the centuries. See how evidence-based medicine is validating ancient wisdom and learn how a Yoga lifestyle facilitates optimal health by reading our most popular posts.

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The food we eat forms the basis of our health. Our Yoga diet page contains important and timely information about food and nutrition.

Stay abreast of the latest science news in the field of detoxification by reading valuable posts on our Yoga detox page.

Yoga therapy is a new healing modality that integrates the latest medical science with the timeless teachings of traditional Yoga. To find out how Yoga can influence and support healing in your life, check out the list of conditions that have been shown to be helped by Yoga in valid research trials.

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Dr. Summers is an advocate for preventive health and natural healing as she integrates modern and traditional therapies.

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