Mula Bandha
Yoga's Advanced Kegel Exercises

Mula bandha (also spelled: Mulabandha, Moola Bandha, and Moolabandha) is a traditional Yoga practice that is reputed to be one of the most powerful for personal evolution. Although more complex than modern medicine’s Kegel exercises, or pelvic floor exercises, there are inherent similarities.

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Mulabandha: Yoga’s Powerful Secret

Discover the secrets of this traditional gem from the ancient sages. It's a remarkable practice that is essential for optimal physical health and personal evolution. Mula bandha is an important component of every serious Yoga practitioner's toolbox.

Traditionally, the practice was taught only to advanced students who had mastered the yamas and niyamas, asanas, pranayama, and many mudras. It was taught in secret by a guru only after an aspiring yogi had worked for years to progress along the path. The student had to convince the master that he was ready for the next stage of personal and spiritual growth.

In Mulabandha - Yoga's Powerful Secret, we'll explore the ancient teachings and consider the benefits from a modern medical perspective. You'll learn the scientific evidence in support of the practice. Many disorders and conditions can be helped with this simple and natural technique. It's a gift from the gurus of old.

The complicated anatomy of the pelvic floor is reviewed. Controversies are exposed and clarified. A list of benefits, both through the eyes of traditional yogic science and that of modern evidence-based medicine, is provided.


Mulabandha - Yoga's Powerful Secret Includes:

  • Quotations from the original text sources
  • Discussions of both Hatha Yoga and Tantric practices
  • An explanation of subtle energy effects
  • A clarification of controversial points
  • Detailed anatomy explanations
  • A comprehensive comparison to a scientifically validated Kegels
  • A complete Yoga and scientific reference section
  • A thorough listing of all known benefits
  • Detailed instructions for how to perform mula bandha
  • Recommendations for practice

What Exactly is Mula Bandha?

The yogic practice of mula bandha in its widest interpretation essentially involves contracting the muscles at the base of the torso within the pelvis. These muscles, collectively known as the pelvic floor, are important components of the body's core structure.

To get to the full meaning and a description of this classic technique, let's take a look at the name. Mula means "root." In Yoga, it is used in reference to muladhara lotus, the chakra at the base of the torso. Since it is the lotus, or chakra, most near the earth, it is the root of the esoteric energy body.

The word bandha means “to bind” or “to lock”. In classic Yoga, there are three basic bandhas that are physical movements that "lock" various muscles into place. In the context of mula bandha, it refers to the contraction of the muscles surrounding muladhara lotus.

Mula bandha, then, is a technique involving contractions of the muscles at the base of the torso. According to yogic theory, pelvic floor contractions hold energy within the pelvis and prevent its dissipation.

Yet bandha can also mean "to redirect.” In this light, the more esoteric interpretation of mula bandha becomes clear. As you “lock” the muscles at the base of the torso, you “unlock” energy in the pranic body, redirecting the flow upwards and reversing the natural tendency of pranic energy within the pelvis to flow downwards. This secret aspect of mula bandha takes the conserved prana and channels it upwards towards higher energy centers to increase awareness and improve health.

See here and here for some ways that mula bandha works to improve your health and happiness.

Below is an excerpt from the book

What Can Mulabandha Do for You

The benefits of practicing mulabandha are many, both from a grounded physical health perspective and from a more spiritual or esoteric viewpoint.

Modern research has shown that regular repetitive contractions of the muscles of the pelvic floor can prevent the "leaky" bladder which commonly affects people as they age. Nobody wants to go back to wearing diapers, the unfortunate result of a weak pelvic floor. If you already suffer from urinary incontinence, an embarrassing and inconvenient problem, mulabandha can help you to regain control.

Sadly, a number of people of both sexes suffer from chronic and frequently inexplicable pain in the pelvic region. Research suggests that mulabandha can relieve the discomfort of chronic prostatitis in men. It also helps to provide relief from chronic pain in the vaginal and vulvar areas in women.

Mulabandha can spice up your sex life, no matter what your age or your gender. According to reports published in respected medical journals, pelvic floor exercises can make the female orgasm easier to achieve – and make it stronger when it occurs. For men who have difficulty getting an erection or maintaining it for sexual intercourse, mulabandha can help. There's even data indicating that workouts of the pelvic floor can treat premature ejaculation, particularly when it occurs along with erectile dysfunction.

This book will help you to understand just what exactly mulabandha is and how to perform it. You'll learn about the anatomical structures involved on the physical plane and how to isolate the intrinsic muscles. Esoteric energy benefits are considered and the benefits according to the Yoga tradition are revealed. We'll even take a look at the controversies surrounding the nature and performance of the technique.

In addition, we'll explore mulabandha from a modern medical perspective. You'll learn the scientific evidence in support of the practice, and you'll find a list of benefits from the medical viewpoint of the 21st century. Many disorders and conditions can be helped with this simple and natural technique. It's a gift from the gurus of old, and it's one that has the power to bring you great prosperity.



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